Francois Leroy

PhD student

Francois did his Master degree in Marine sciences at Sorbonne University in Paris. Thanks to his outstanding computational skills and curious mind, he landed in MOBI lab for his PhD.

For his PhD research, Francois explores biodiversity change in birds. He studies how extinctions and colonizations play out across multiple spatial scales, using advanced statistical models and machine learning. He currently uses Czech large data on Czech birds as his study system, but he also explores other regions of the world, particularly Europe and United States, with some overreach to global extent.


The relationship between remotely-sensed spectral heterogeneity and bird diversity is modulated by landscape type

Decomposing biodiversity change to processes of extinction, colonization, and recurrence across scales

How has bird biodiversity changed over time? A review across spatio-temporal scales

Scale mismatches between predictor and response variables in species distribution modelling: A review of practices for appropriate grain selection