Journal club - macroecology, biogeography, ecology, statistics, general issues of science

We meet every Thursday at 9:30 in Petr’s office (MCEV II, room D333) to talk about scientific papers. A paper for each week is picked by one of us, papers can be new or old, as long as we feel that they can be somehow related to the title topics, or to our work, or that they can be fun to talk about for other reasons.

Papers discussed in 2023

24-Aug-2023, Petr & Flo

3-Aug-2023, Petr

29-Jun-2023, Petr

22-Jun-2023, Flo

8-Jun-2023, Manuele

1-Jun-2023, Carmen

15-Jun-2023, Francois

25-May-2023, Petr

18-May-2023, Michela

4-May-2023, Flo

27-Apr-2023, Manuele

20-Apr-2023, Francois

13-Apr-2023, Carmen

30-Mar-2023, Michela

23-Mar-2023, Petr